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NEFRON MOBILE PLUS gives You a 10 seconds diagnose of the state of functioning your arteriovenous fistula. Make remote health analysis at any time of day or night, wherever You are.



How does it work?

You can use your phone to check the status of your health. After recording, You'll get the data in a few seconds!


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1. Locate the fistula and Record

Place the phone to the venous fistula with the headphones connected and using "Monitor" function make sure that the fistula sound is clearly heard in headphones.

Start recording. During recording, the application will take 30 seconds to record data correctly

2. Send a recording

Confirm if you want to send the recorded sound. You can listen to the recording earlier to make sure that the quality is good. The application will turn off and you will be informed of the end of the recording analysis by a system message.



3. Diagnosis

After about a minute you will receive a test result.


How to understand test results?


2.A single test


The fistula condition is assessed by assigning it to one of the six classes, from the best marked 'A' to the pathologically changed marked 'F'.

The chart shows the result, assigning the fistula to the class indicated by the highest bar. The lower bars that may appear on the sides of the highest bar are caused by the uncertainty of diagnosis resulting from interference and noise in the recording.

If there is more than one high bar on the chart, it is suggested to repeat the test.

Before sending a recording for analysis, listen to it to make sure that the sound of the fistula is clearly audible, without interference such as music, conversation, etc. 

You can get a reliable test result by doing at least a dozen or so tests within at least a few weeks.

If your fistula is in a stable condition, the results of subsequent tests will be kept in the same class.


The stable state is positive, even if your fistula is in the low class (D or E) 


2.Extrapolation of fistula condition


This function shows the fistula state based on the number of recent tests set with the slider.   The higher the number of analyzed studies, the more reliable data are obtained. 


On the vertical axis, the fistula status classes from "A" at the top of the graph to "F" at the bottom.


On the horizontal axis, the tests are marked - on the right, marked with the number "1" current, and moving to the left, more and more distant in time.


The graph should present a "ribbon" showing the results of subsequent tests in time.


On the basis of the data shown on the chart, the trend of fistula condition changes is determined, and in the case of an unfavourable trend, an approximate time of deterioration by one class is given.


Results for different number of studies and time periods may vary to some extent. Check the extrapolation result for several different time periods and do not draw conclusions from just one estimate.


Several versions of the result are possible:


a) separated stains, irregularly scattered after the chart (3.png) mean that subsequent tests were carried out in an inappropriate manner. The result obtained in this way is unreliable and cannot be the basis for the evaluation of the fistula trend.

b) 'ribbon' arranged horizontally or almost horizontally in a graph (4.png) means a stable fistula state over time

c) 'ribbon' slightly upwards (5.png) means that your fistula is in a better condition

d) "ribbon" drops down (6.png) - it means that the condition of your fistula is deteriorating. The trend of changes is all the more unfavorable the steeper the chart drops towards the lower right corner of the image.





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How much does it cost?

Choose a package that suits you.  Nefron app comes in 5 packs of shots. At any time, you can charge the number of tests by your user account.




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