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Dialysis and travel

If on dialysis and thinking of travel 
First ask your health care team how this may affect your health. If well enough and with careful planning a holiday can boost both your confidence and wellbeing. However, when you have one or multiple conditions, there are major road blocks to negotiate, before you can travel sensibly.

The most obvious - you should have significant funds available to cover costs for ANY health emergency, plus any treatment and medicine costs etc. If on dialysis, treatment costs may be expensive. Think carefully and budget strictly around all possible medical costs especially around any emergency events.

Capacity pressure - Dialysis Units  
As the number of people with kidney failure grows there is increasing demand for dialysis treatment here and globally. Dialysis Unit staff support kidney patients wanting to travel where possible, but often do not have spare sessions available.


All dialysis patients travelling within Australia should review our Australian Dialysis Unit Guide (the DUG online) for Dialysis Unit contact details. Ensure you book travel and dialysis sessions in advance. Weblinks below offer holiday/travel dialysis suggestions.


NSW residents should note: Away From Home Haemodialysis (AFHH) Program
A new service to increase flexibility for haemodialysis patients living in NSW, run by EnableNSW patients offers better access to haemodialysis services when travelling away from home for purposes such as education, work and holidays. Eligible patients may access up to three sessions per year at one of 25 participating private renal units located away from their usual place of residence at no cost, subject to availability and program funding. Refer to Patient Fact Sheet.

Australian Dialysis Konnections Register - Dialysis Chair Exchange Program
Australian dialysers who wish to travel within Australia can use this program to help connect with other Aussie dialysers privately, to arrange a 'dialysis chair swap'. Your renal staff must agree to this swap. Steps required to 'connect' are simple and easy to follow. Go to our ADKR webpage for more info.

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